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Phone Sex with Adrianna

I am a very naughty girl who will love to learn how to please you. Watch me touching myself and rubbing my nipples 'til they're as hard as your cock. Don’t you want to play with me?


Phone Sex with Alena

I knew the minute I turned 18, I had to have something I have been dreaming almost all of my life. Hard throbbing cocks. I needed it in my pussy, to fill me up so completely!


Phone Sex with Angelica

I am a total spoiled brat, and I can pretty much guarantee you will give me just what I want too. How can I be so sure, you ask? Look at me, would you turn me down?


Phone Sex with Asia

I love make you so hot for me. Get your cock throbbing so good while I tease you with my hot sexy body. I love to sit on your face, tease you to sweet submission.


Phone Sex with Bernadette

I'm the soccer mom with a nasty little secret. I love to FUCK! Yes, I am a total MILF, and that title, makes me so Hot! I've seduced my sons on more than a few occasions...


Phone Sex with Bertha

Hi boys, take a good long look at these massive tits, and my tight body, and see if you can believe I am a Grandma. I am, and I am completely fine with it.



Phone Sex with Carmindy

I know tricks from all corners of the world. Tricks to make your cock so hard you can't contain it. I am the best you will ever have your hot hands on, call me, find out for yourself.


Phone Sex with Carol

I'm Carol, that older woman you've been looking for. I'm eager to help you relive your childhood fantasies. Need mommy to cuddle with you? Spank you when you've been a bad boy?


Phone Sex with Cassandra

I am the girl next door, I am the sweet sorority girl you have a crush on, and could actually attain, I am a total Daddy's girl, your Princess, your pet, and everything in between.


Phone Sex with White Trash Farrah

You know what makes me the hottest, what soaks my panties completely? COCK. I don't care who it belongs to, or how big or small, how dirty or clean you are, I just don't give a damn.


Phone Sex with Grace

You know what makes me the hottest? Letting you stupid boys think that my blond hair and big boobs automatically means I am dumb. When I snare you, you will realize the truth.


Phone Sex with Granny Hazel

I know you boys secretly fantasize about an older lady, aged like a fine wine. I know the ins and outs of your sexual needs. I know just what it takes to make you boys cum MUCH harder!


Jane Lynn

Phone Sex with Jane Lynn

Look at my eyes, imagine getting lost in them. It's not hard to do, in fact, I fully expect you to do just that. Imagine them gazing at you, as I slowly undress and fuck every inch of you.


Phone Sex with Jeanie

Sweet and innocent, I am not, but I certainly look it. I know how to harness the power in my perfect breasts quite well, and I know you will not be immune to my poison.


Phone Sex with Jessica

I absolutely ADORE older men. The ones who have lived life, and experienced all the worldly treats. Want to add a young sweet girl to your life? I am more than willing to be that girl!


Phone Sex with Kippy

I'm a Daddy's girl. I loved it when Daddy would sneak in my room at night and show me just how much he loved me, he created something of a little monster. I can't get enough!


Phone Sex with Lisi

I know how young I look. I know how young I can be. In this young sweet body and face, is a wildcat. Call me, I can't wait to hear all about your most taboo fantasies!


Phone Sex with Maple

I know I look cute and innocent, but I'm not. I am always willing to go the extra mile to please you. I love those dirty kinky role plays you think no one will enjoy, but I am the one who will. 



Phone Sex with Mary

I love it hard, nasty, rude and dirty! I want my ass spanked, hair pulled and fucked till I can't sit down. Make this soccer mom work hard for you! I want to be treated like a WHORE!


Phone Sex with Posey

I grew up in a small town, always wanting a ticket out of here! The most fun thing to do is find a hot young boy and screw all night long, but now I am looking for an older, kinkier man.


Phone Sex with Tam

I think lingerie was made to be on the floor. I LOVE to be so aroused, so hungry for your cock, I am practically drooling! Call me and lets have one AMAZING night!

Phone Sex Rates

CALL: 888-468-1090

$2.50 Per Minute

*20 Minute Blocks Are Always $40.00* (calling from U.S.A. only)

2-Girl Calls / $3.99 Per Minute

3-Girl Orgy Calls / $5.99 Per Minute

Calls Outside The U.S.A. / $3.99 Per Minute


(10-Minute Minimum)

(All Calls Will Show On Your Credit Card  Statement As "Chloe Enterprises")

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